The Ending of Metal Gear Solid 2 will blow your mind if re-watched today

The concept behind the video game masterpiece created by Hideo Kojima had so many dark yet accurate predictions into some of todays issues and it’s really worth it to re-visit some of the games more important scenes. These two videos created by Max Derrat – YouTube offers a great narrative and some insight that is especially important for anyone unfamiliar to the series. When you consider that the original Metal Gear for NES was written in 1987 and Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation began development in 1994 the things addressed as the games unfold are pretty eye opening to say the least. Not only did they simply predict a great deal of things about the coming information age but the stories behind the games are also definitely on par with some of the best stories found in books, film or any other type of media when it comes to fiction.

Clips courtesy of Max Derrat – YouTube. Watch, share and subscribe!

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