Jerry Nadler Thinks ANTIFA is a Myth

By: Hector Galbraith

Last week, Austen Fletcher creator of the popular YouTube channel Fleccas Talks – YouTube who is starting to look more and more like WWE’s Braun Strowman caught up with Democrat House Representative Jerry Nadler who is starting to look more and more like Danny DeVito’s “Penguin” from Batman Returns (1992).. in the streets of Washington DC. He asks him about the ongoing situations of violence that have recently broke out across some of the nation’s cities and his denial of reality is comical.

As we can clearly see from the compilation below the violence is very real and I know it’s not this sites job to preach a strong political message but a denial of the violent situations all together could be seen as very irresponsible. It’s also becoming increasingly hard to find exciting distraction based content. These issues are becoming more and more apparent and violence is violence contradictory to slogans such as “silence is violence” being touted by the very people setting fires to buildings that we now know, be it only a few but some of them had people in them. Those people died. They aren’t the only ones either. It’s been documented by several different news sources and whoever is on whatever political side is in some way irrelevant when citizens, all equal under the law find themselves in harms way.

Nadler, who is the house representative from the great state of New York’s 10th district has been at the center of several recent hilarious moments that are truly the product of an elected official’s golden years in congress. Below he performs the old “take off your mask to scold others for not wearing one” bit. Someone needs to inform the chairman that this style of performance art only works if you are actually careful enough to keep your own mask on.

From falling asleep while chairing the judiciary committee to being fired as head of the committee to impeach The President to having some serious recurring mask issues himself it seems like Jerry just can’t get it right.

The humor and irony doesn’t end there though when it comes to the subject of Mr. Nadler. He has on the low has been creating ironic comedy bits for the past 28 years. Check out his views on impeachment from 1998 which just happen to be the exact opposite of what he was recently heading the push for before having to be replaced by Adam Schiff for his overall ineffectiveness. Something tells me that Jerrold Nadler is not the kind of guy to turn a new leaf and again switch his overall stance on anything major before the end of his political career though. This dog might be a couple days too close to retirement for that political trick.

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