A Look Back at a Yankees Game with Babe Ruth From 100 Years Ago

An amazing breakdown of a baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians from almost 100 years ago to the day. The game was on Tuesday, June 15th 1920.

Some Important takeaways are Babe Ruth’s distinctly different swing which is very advanced for it’s time and much closer to the professional style swing we have come to see in todays games then dubbed the “home run swing”. Another very interesting thing to note is the style of media presentation. Certain things like re-enactments of plays in empty stadiuims were included in the games breakdown.

Also in the footage toward the end where the children are trying to locate the home run ball and the attempted depiction of a home run in the game despite one not being hit shows the degrees of deception that are always used and accepted in media to boost entertainment value. They went through all the trouble of depicting a home run that didn’t happen and the guy lunging for the ball in the re-enactment seems to blatantly miss the ball on purpose diving for a box instead? They also used their words very wisely in order to not say decisively if there was a home run or not in the actual game that was being presented. Very odd even when you consider the fact that it was 100 years ago.

Babe Ruth and the Yankees play in Cleveland 100 years ago. Clip courtesy of Jomboy Media – YouTube. Watch, share and subscribe!

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