A Look at Mont Blanc’s Death Couloir

By: Hector Galbraith

The Grand Couloir located on Mont Blanc is the site of an average 4 deaths per year. Much predictive research is currently being done to lower this seemingly low number. The consistency and inability to improve this number via general safe climbing practices has scientists puzzled. Is there a way to lower the number of deaths on this always increasingly popular destination.

Mont Blanc is the tallest peak in Europe and has been attracting adventure seekers for decades. Many people are misinformed about the level of danger involved in this particular mountain ascent that is often sold to people as “easy” or “for beginners”. Crossing the Grand Couloir is unavoidable via all the main routes to the peak.

Check out some more climbers experiences with rock falls while attempting to cross the Grand Couloir. The first video below features some super large rocks falling at extreme speeds.

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