4k Cannabis Image – Pink Washing Machine

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Pictured is Pink Washing Machine as determined, cultivated and bred by Escarpment Wellness.

Pink Washing Machine is a cross between Pink Kush and Washing Machine bred by Ripper Seeds. The Pink Kush is almost self explanatory at this point with it’s origins being about 20 years ago somewhere in British Columbia.

Washing Machine was created by crossing Exodus Cheese with Bubba Kush. If you catch a whiff of this plant, you’ll smell a mix of earth and liquorice. Its effects are soothing, long-lasting, and will flow all over you like a rinse cycle. Because of its high THC level, Washing Machine is recommended for experienced smokers, and is said to be a good aid for appetite loss, aches, and may even be good for evening use for a good night’s rest.

Washing Machine has a flowering time of about 60-65 days, boasting large and heavy flowers with a great number of trichomes.

Hybrid (40% Sativa / 60% Indica)

Photo by: Kushector

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